A Blog Retrospective and Some Musings

A Blog Retrospective and Some Musings

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Another year bites the dust and I for one have lots to look forward too. Finally I am slowly but surely coming to the end of my reproductive years and will probably kiss good bye to breastfeeding for the most part (barring a couple of feeds which will go on well into the next year I expect) in the coming year or so and will have my body back thank you.

As much as I have enjoyed my newborns and loved every minute of holding my precious ones I am quite looking forward to a new phase where I can do other things and be a full time mom too. I must admit that I am one of those few people who really enjoy life at a sloooowww pace and I’m the happiest when I am home with my laptop or a book and therefore I will gladly take my time getting back into the social and professional scene.

Goals for this year: A child nutrition course is on the cards. I get mail asking for pointers and tips to create good eaters and I have learnt and discovered means to ensure my kids eat well. So it seems like a natural progression from lactation, to weaning foods and more and it’s something I have been self-studying for the past few years anyway.
I am also aiming to complete my leadership with La Leche League so that I can help reach more mothers through meet ups, phone and mail as well as tap into the wide resources available.
Lactation counseling: I’m quite thrilled that merely through word of mouth and through these reviews at baby chakra I am managing to get a handful of clients and would love to slowly and surely build on this, specially once both little ones spend more time away from home and at school/ preschool.

Blog: My blog is nothing but a personal story of my evolution as a person from an individual to a mother hen and it’s going to continue talking about my kids’ nutrition, discipline, potty training, baby wearing, anecdotes and other personal tales. My passion for all things natural and evolutionary will obviously manifest itself in my posts and also my work: lactation and my love: natural birth will find it’s voice.
I write to put down in words and create memories for my family and I, things we did and we felt and we said, and I’m glad it finds an audience. I also feel mommy experiences are a great resource for other mothers who just feel better reading diverse ways of doing the same thing, I know I benefitted a lot by reading what others did in the same situation so hope it helps someone somewhere.

Food: This is no longer a primal or paleo blog because we are no longer a primal / paleo family (except my husband for the most part). Somewhere along the road I just couldn’t justify the tag of primal or paleo nor could I stop my 3 year old from nicking chocos from a friend’s snack box and had to succumb to buying many such treats. However we still try and eat meals as natural and healthy, cooked in ghee and coconut oil, and we avoid wheat for the most part. However dosas and other well prepared forms of grains and legumes are here to stay.
But more than anything I still as a mother operate from an evolutionary perspective with regards to raising my children and that’s the best gift the paleosphere has given me.

Workouts and postpartum body: After N’s birth I had dived back into bootcamp, yoga and cross fit within 3 months quite seamlessly. After the 2nd baby I took 6 months before I realized that something needs to be done and I started walking whenever time permits and yoga. However after my homebirth I have so much reverence for my body and what it’s doing that I don’t feel a tearing need to get back to a societal expectation of beauty and as long as I am feeling good (which I am) I’m happy to carry about a little excess baggage (especially in the ahem upper areas) and shop for larger sizes of clothes for a bit.

Thanks for reading, do say hi in the comments !