lactation support

Why Lactation Support?

Many women today know about the benefits of breastfeeding. But artificial milk is too easily substituted in Mumbai hospitals as nearly as good or almost the same, or just being a substitute. The problem with this line of thought is that new moms, even those who really want to exclusively breastfeed are not supported when they’re at their most vulnerable that is right after birth.

It’s the right of every mom to be supported to exclusively breastfeed when her baby is right out of the womb and for 6 months after when his little body is the most in need of the only food he ever needs at that point.

In my experience I have met many moms who had learnt and read and done their research and still in those first few hours after birth told to give ‘top feed’ in the hospital thanks to nurses and doctors who follow non-evidence based practices and come from an era where formula was the norm.

A lactation educator/councilor/specialist is updated on the current research specific to breastfeeding and be the strength and the support she needs at that time when all she needs is someone to encourage her, hand hold her and prod her in the right direction.

As a mom of two who has exclusively breastfed two baby boys till 6 months without an ounce of formula or even bottles in the second case I can provide invaluable support to moms. Even the most stoic of moms sometimes cave to pressure and that’s when lactation support is needed.

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I also do babywearing consults whereby I advise families on which carrier to choose as well as let them try and demo various carriers.


Pre and post natal

One Prenatal breastfeeding class* 2 hours + one hospital/ home visit** + unlimited phone calls: Rs. 2500

Two prenatal breastfeeding and babywearing classes*** (2 hours each) + one hospital/home visit + unlimited phone calls: Rs. 3000

Post baby:

One home visit plus unlimited phone consults: Rs 1200, Add babywearing education: Rs. 1500 for the whole session

Mother comes to my home plus unlimited phone consults: Rs 1000, add babywearing education Rs. 1250 for the whole session

Only phone consults: Rs. 500

*Breastfeeding classes conducted at my home in Cuffe Parade and are one on one from a practical stand point.
**As of now I only operate out of South Mumbai as with young kids I am unable to travel much further.
***Two classes will cover everything a new mother needs to know from a very practical stand point.

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