Babywearing Consultancy

In my own experience with my boys, I felt babywearing, breastfeeding and handling babies were all interlinked and interconnected and I could not have done one without the other. Every baby and parent is different though and if you are blessed with a child who will continue sleeping after he is fed and ‘put down’ then good for you and you may never need babywearing. But for the rest of us it can be a godsend.

And it doesn’t ever have to be an all or nothing thing. It can be just one more tool in the hands of exhausted parents.

I have written a couple of exhaustive posts about babywearing, the different types of carriers available and what would be best suited for you depending on the age of the child. I still get emails though saying that, ‘I’ve read the post, but what carrier should I buy for my baby who weighs this much and is this height?’

Nothing beats personal assistance at times like this. The Mumbai Sling Library aims to meet two times a month in various locations across Mumbai which are either free or we charge a nominal fee to attend and it’s a multi-brand multi carrier workshop of sorts for parents to make their choices. The Mumbai Sling Library also rents out carriers.

IF you can’t wait for a meetup to show up on your side of town then a private consult is for you where you can meet me at my home in South Mumbai or I can come to yours. With the amount of carriers and brands out there it can be quite confusing to figure out the right fit for your family. Also many carriers appear really easy to wear in YouTube videos but the reality is quite different and a few tips and tweaks from a professional can make a lot of difference.

One session includes demo if various carriers with my demo doll, the parent can try out the carrier with the doll first and then the baby, and nursing in the carrier wherever applicable.

Pricing : Rs. 1000 if you come to my place for a consult with one week rent of any one carrier included.

Here’s a little more on my background in this field.