Baby Led Weaning – One Month In

Baby Led Weaning – One Month In

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Baby A turns 7 months old tomorrow. I am astonished at how well BLW is going for us. I cannot believe the way his poop is looking. I was quite content to wait for a few months before I saw food actually going in but hell noes. He has loved all of it so far.

Here’s what he has been eating and his schedule.

Wakes around 8:20 am and nurses.

Sits on the potty for about 5 minutes (hits and misses).

Sits on his high chair for breakfast. (we have discovered he seems to have an egg allergy 🙁 🙁 Terribly upsetting stuff as our family lives on eggs in the morning). Eats a fruit but isn’t terribly interested in it at that time of the day. Mostly mouths it and plays with it but has started swallowing these days too.

Plays for a while has a bath and nurses naps at about 10:15 to 12:30.

Wakes up and nurses. Sits on potty, plays.

Lunch at 1:30 when his brother is back from school. The three of us eat together. N has been eating his meals very well on his own.
Baby A eats whatever we are eating but I ask the cook to put the masala and take out a small portion for him before she puts salt. A typical lunch for him is as shown below: A sabzi, a protein (sometimes chicken, sometimes paneer), and yoghurt. He has been eating yoghurt with a preloaded spoon. He actually lifts the spoon and gingerly with great focus directs it to his mouth. It’s amazing to watch I am so proud of him.

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He nurses again after lunch, sits on potty, and the three of us read for a about 45 minutes and then it’s nap time for both boys. Baby A somehow needs me in the afternoon and many an afternoon I have to lie down with him for his nap and he nurses sometimes 3-4 times sometimes none.

Out of bed by 5 pm for A, 4:30 for N. Snack time. A eats a fruit or recently veggies with Hummus, or anything N is having.

Nurses and goes to the park for a couple of hours. Back by 7:30, bath nurses and bed.

So far I haven’t fed him a single bite of food, not with a spoon not with my hand and nor do I plan to. I simply place the food on the table and put small portions in front of him on his high chair tray. He took a few days of just mouthing, and then a few days where he just wasn’t even interested in mouthing and then for the last week or so he can’t wait until he’s served, dives into the food, stuffs every shape and size into his mouth and chews and chews with his toothless gums and swallows. When I introduced preloaded spoons yesterday I was shocked to see how well he was handling the spoon and how he guided it into his mouth as though he has had years of practice. It’s amazing the things babies can do if we let them. His dexterity at handling squashy, slippery and smaller foods is astounding for his age and I am guessing it has to do with the hard work involved in feeding himself.

Baby led weaning is so much fun for everyone all around so far. And it takes the pressure of, as I know he is filling himself up on nutritious mamma milk and is using this time to learn about different food and texture. He has unrestricted access to nursing as thats his only source of drink and major source of food. Oh my god it’s messy but here with the amount of help some of us have, I think I can’t even start to complain about that.

Baby led weaning is a natural progression of breastfeeding. (Not that formula or bottle fed babies can’t do it though). But babies feed themselves from the breast at their pace and they regulate the supply as per their needs. Baby led weaning is the same concept, there is no reason why the adult needs to suddenly step in and decide how much the baby needs to eat. Honestly who are we to guess how much a baby needs or whether he or she is full? Why must we make up stories and distraction and force children to over eat just because WE feel they have not eaten enough?

Thanks for reading and do enjoy the pictures and video 🙂 Let me know if you’ve tried or open to try baby led weaning with your baby.
video of Baby A eating chicken

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