What I Fed My Primal Baby On Vacation

What I Fed My Primal Baby On Vacation

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I’m sick after a really long time with a bad cold. A virus finally got me. I suppose it happened while I was tired on a very relaxed family vacation. Relaxed because of the setting, but very tiring because of chasing N all day and night.

And though I try not to worry about his food, how much he is eating, whether he is well-rested etc. there were still times on this trip where I plunged into self-doubt thinking I was the worst mother in the world for not pre planning my baby’s meals.

Anyway all’s well that ends well. We survived a mini vacation, just the 3 of us, without me carrying any food from home (except since I’m nursing a snack is always available).

He followed the almost exact schedule that he did at home, including using cloth nappies for most of the day. He napped at his normal times, slept at his normal times, ate similar meals at similar times as he does at home, and ate similar food as well. As you can see, he completely hijacked our vacation despite his fairly go-with-the-flow parents.

Here’s what he ate:

He woke up and nursed. Then accompanied us to breakfast. Sat on his high chair the entire time we were at the restaurant. I asked the live counter to cook his egg yolks in different styles each day in butter, which he loved.

He used to finish his eggs, but not eat too much fruit, which we packed and took with us for later as a snack whenever he got hungry.

For lunch, he’d eat what we were eating. If it were meat I’d break it in little pieces and give it to him, and the packed fruits along with that.

For dinner (at 5:30) I used to describe the veggies and chicken coarsely mashed food cooked in butter, that I make for him at home. I’d change the veggies everyday and ask the chef to play around with the masala. The results were awesome! Really delicious baby food that the baby ate and the husband finished once little one was done!

Before bed, he’d eat a soup, which was also really good.

N ate well on vacation because someone other than his mummy was cooking and even babies like variety 😉

His dad and me, the mere servants on the trip were relegated to eating room service for dinner in the room while the king slept on our bed!

We stayed in a beautiful place where there were cozy places scattered all through the property to relax and take in nature and cuddle and read a book or take a nap. To be fair to us, we did look at every one of those cozy places wistfully as we passed by with an squiggly baby in our arms thinking, someday we will do this again.

And we did get some couple time too.


On these chairs where we ate our room service after hurricane N retired for the day.

Thanks for reading! Do you pack baby food on vacation? Do you stress about what you’l feed baby? Let me know in the comments!