The Toddler Weaning and Solids Progress

The Toddler Weaning and Solids Progress

N is officially a toddler now. He toddles all over the place from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed.

He is completely eating solids now in the day and only nurses in the night. When he turned 14 months (two weeks ago) I just decided to stop offering the breast before his afternoon nap. He was completely ok with it.

I had observed since the last two months that he was nursing for less and less time in the afternoon. The days that he wasn’t that sleeping he would barely nurse for a couple of minutes. He only nursed longer when he wanted to go to sleep.

While weaning him in the day was a piece of cake, I know I have an uphill task cut out for me when it comes to the night. I don’t plan to do it soon, but inspite of not nursing between 6:30 am and 8:15 pm; I still breast feed 4 times! You do the math.

Here is what my 14-month-old’s food intake looks like:

9 am breakfast: one egg cooked in coconut oil with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese etc. (different styles) and a bowl of fruit. He eats an apple or a pear or a bowl of papaya or melon or chickoo.

1:15 pm lunch: a little rice and mixed with whatever veggies and/or chicken that we are eating with a bowl of yoghurt.  He eats this with the family at the dining table.

5 pm snack: coconut water with the malai and a bowl of fruit.

7:30 pm dinner: one spoon of rice with cooked vegetables (the same that the rest of us eat), some meat (fish or chicken mostly), a bowl of soup, a bowl of yoghurt, and chicken and vegetables which I still specially prepare for him (old habits die hard I suppose).

8:15 pm: breastfeed – bed

12:30 am: breastfeed

5 am: breastfeed

6:30 am: breastfeed.

I am in the process of rescheduling his naps as he is fighting the afternoon one. Though N is still on two naps, I am going to attempt to make it one nap over the course of the next month, as he looks ready. I will write a separate post on this one.

Hope you find this quick update useful. Will be back soon with some longer posts as my traveling and social obligations are almost done with for the season.