Goodbye Allee G

Goodbye Allee G

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Like me, my blog’s grown up and has additional responsibilities.

Like me, it’s no longer an individual, working out, losing weight, eating well, and writing without interruption.

Unlike me, it has had a makeover, is spruced up and fancy (WordPress and all) and even has a logo.

Unlike me, it isn’t in puke smelling clothes and yoga pants all day!

Wholesome Mamma is still about living paleo in India, how to manage tackling the conventional wisdom bestowed by well meaning people, how to workout in very little space, where to source good quality real food in Mumbai, and how to love yourself by taking care of your health.

My husband the other day was affronted. He said, you have never ever taken any trouble when it comes to my meals as compared to the lengths you’re going through for N.

I guess the mom in me brings a whole new dimension to my personality and will come through in all the things I write about. With due respect to me being a whole new person, Wholesome Mamma will tackle daily parenting woes, how to manage eating well and remain motivated to workout as a busy parent, experiments with trying to instill good eating habits in my child, experiments in trying to bring up a paleo baby, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, wholesome real baby food and other stories. All this and more through evolutionary tinted glasses!

I’m excited! Hope you are too.

Thanks for reading!