My Evolutionary Tinted Glasses

My Evolutionary Tinted Glasses

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Going forth I am going to use this phrase, I just coined, a lot. When you’ve lived this lifestyle for as long as I have, you tend to put an evolutionary spin on simple things and everything suddenly looks different.

You just look at things a bit differently. For example have a look at this film. While its beautiful, and touching and all that, I just find it hard to believe. Kids don’t live beyond the age of 5 in this village because they don’t wash their hands? Humans got on for hundreds and thousands of years without washing hands (do you see where I am going with this?).Now you may argue that the kind of diseases that are prevalent today, the strains of viruses brought forth by pollutants and industrialization did not exist then and so on and so forth.
While this may be true, all I’m saying is lets not look at things in isolation. A child growing up in an environment and playing with the earth, builds immunity to withstand a lot of viruses. In fact in our over sanitized world, so many people I know have low immunity and fall sick ever so often. They don’t wipe their nose without using sanitizers but are always sniffling away.At home the domestic help who cleans the house after washing a whole lot of cars, picks up my baby and holds him after he is done scrubbing floors. My baby is building immunity and I’m glad. I cannot be bothered about sanitizing anyone.

Coming back to the film, there are probably a lot more factors at play here than the mere washing of hands.

Or take this article for instance. Even before I read it, I knew I wasn’t going to put my baby in shoes and socks because, well of all the reasons mentioned in the article.

I wear Vibram five fingerswhile doing most activities – bootcamp, walking, running, sprinting etc. And for everyday use, I wear these barefoot gloves. Because our feet are designed in a certain way and modern shoes just ruin our feet, our posture, and our gait. All those millions spent by Nike and Adidas on marketing fancy shoes will have you believing otherwise but all you have to do is put on evolutionary tinted glasses and know that they are wrong.

And what about products? The amount of products sold today for this skin issue and that. And have a read at this. Sunscreen usage has been increasing, sun exposure declining, but skin cancer is on the rise. Something just doesn’t fit.Skin problems are rarely about a quick fix with a cream here and a tablet there. Which is why you’ll rarely see me slathering skin products on myself, I don’t own sunscreen and I don’t buy into the hype. I am going to experiment with making my own natural shampoo soon to stay clear of toxic chemicals. I will let you know how that experiment goes.

There are many more examples from where that came from, but you get the drift.

Whenever I’m faced with a conundrum I am happy to report that I whip out my evolutionary tinted glasses and I’m on my way.

Living a primal lifestyle for me is much more than just my diet and exercise in isolation. It has lots to do with the way I intend to bring up my little one(s), the way I sit (and stand), my relationships, my love for nature, my love for my body, my relationship with food, my lack of regard for the rules, and my quest to stay as stress free as possible.

Next time I mention my evolutionary tinted glasses on this blog try and imagine me pulling out yellow coloured archaic looking glasses, examining an object, with a frown.

Or don’t because putting on evolutionary tinted glasses just makes life so logical and incredibly simple!

Thanks for reading.