Sling review – The Maya Wrap

Sling review – The Maya Wrap

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I always liked the idea of baby wearing. When I saw people wearing front facing babies in malls or the road before I had a baby, I always envisioned carrying my baby that way. Little did I know that my baby was going to be one who always had to be carried? Being put down in his books is like ‘what the hell! Why am I not getting to see and do what everyone else is doing!’

With most of the front wearing carriers its not that easy to take on and off a baby who changes his mind often about whether he wants to be carried or not. Also it’s not that easy to put the baby to sleep in a front carrier if he isn’t the type who falls asleep on his own.

N is highly sensitive to sleep. If he doesn’t get his 3 naps a day (yes even at 7 + months) he is downright crabby to be around. When I’m out and he starts feeling sleepy I just put him in my sling and he is off to sleep in minutes and I continue shopping or do whatever it is I’m doing.

This is one of the main reasons I love the Maya wrap (or any ring sling for that matter).

1)   Ease of putting baby in and removing him.

2)   Comfortable to wear around the house and do tasks.

3)   Very easy for baby to fall asleep in it as he is close to your body and so snug and feels safe.

4)   Easy to carry around in the diaper bag.

5)   Proper distribution of weight as baby is against your body so that it doesn’t feel to heavy on your arms or back.

My husband mostly carries him in our Infantino front carrier when we go for walks. He loves the view in it and doesn’t so much like the Maya wrap when he wants to view the world.

I must say my Maya wrap sling is my single most treasured possession – my life line for sanity with N. You don’t get it in India, so the other day when my son’s nanny said she left it in the playground… well lets just say I haven’t hit the roof so extremely in a long time.

Why do I love it so? Its just such a personal snug lovely mamma baby time when I wear it and walk around. And when he falls asleep in it while I’m walking just having him right there, breathing the baby drives me crazy. When he is awake I talk to him in whispers and sing and we share some words.

My sleeping in minutes baby

My sleeping in minutes baby

If you have an angel or textbook baby, it really doesn’t matter whether you own a sling, or which sling you own. Your baby may be ok in anything. When you have a high needs / spirited baby who wants you all the time, this sling is a lifesaver. Most high needs babies will calm down the moment they’re in the sling as they are close to their mamma and getting to see the world from a vantage point. It also really helps a spirited baby to sleep when he or she is too worked up.

And slings are very Primal 😉 Mothers have worn their babies from the beginning of time. As have kangaroos and monkeys and other mammals.

Thanks for reading. Let me know in the comments if you’ve used a sling and whether it’s worked well for you.