Product Review: Zealeo - Paleo Foods

Product Review: Zealeo – Paleo Foods

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I received an email from Zealeo calling themselves ‘Paleo foods’ and I was immediately intrigued as I have been asked many times for where to source this product and that and most of the times I don’t have too many answers. While on their website they have not gone all out to mention the word ‘paleo’ (though I think they should) their tagline is ‘powered by nature’ and from what I’ve tried it seems to be true.

They stock extra virgin coconut oil, desiccated coconut (though in India I feel this can easily be made at home), nut clusters, organic palm sugar, and quinoa.

I tried a couple of their products

  • Clusters: Available in 2 bar and 5 bar packs these clusters are pretty delicious all natural snacks. The flavours they have are nutties clusters, mango coconut clusters and cashew raisin clusters with the sweetness coming from natural flavours and a little honey to tie it all in. The cashew raisin cluster was really delicious. One bar (20gms) has 111 calories out of which 81 calories come from fat so it’s a pretty nutrient dense snack. The price point at Rs. 90 for a two bar pack is a little steep but I can see from the taste that the quality of ingredients are pretty good. Of course if you have the will and the time you can make these at home but if not then these are pretty good fillers for snack time or for that sweet tooth if you are paleo or primal.
    I would say if you are a muncher with a sweet tooth –like me- or someone who snacks just out of habit a lot then these are good to substitute with the not so healthy snacks out there.
    IMG_1795 IMG_1796
  • Organic Palm Sugar: this is the new upcoming sweetener that has been talked about a lot in the paleosphere because of it’s low GI index – 30-40 and it’s dense nutrient profile. It is also sometimes referred to as coconut sugar as it is derived from the sap of coconut palms and other palm trees.
    Zealeo refers to this organic sugar as palm sugar and has a Glycemic index of 41 and provided 23 vitamins and minerals.
    I was really surprised at the taste. It is deliciously flavoured (tastes more like ‘gud’ than sugar) and slightly brown in colour. I normally don’t add sweeteners to my tea or coffee but this time I added it just to try it out and it leant a good flavor.
    I made these delicious paleo expresso fudge brownies using this palm sugar. Though the sugar clumps like this
    it dissolved nicely into the batter (After a fair bit of whisking) and the brownies were quite a hit with some guests (paleo and non-paleo) that we had invited over.
    I would highly recommend this sugar for baking as a much healthier alternative to regular refined sugar whether you are paleo or non paleo.
    Price: Rs. 365 for 500 gms. a fair pricing in my openion.

The big drawback with zealeo is their stocking. I checked online and it appeared out of stock everywhere. I got in touch with them and they said that their products are available in the following brick and mortar and online shops:

Hypercity, QMart (Hyderabad), Dry Fruitz Basket(Hyderabad),  Food Hall (Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune), Ratnadeep (Hyderabad), Haiko (Mumbai), Food Bazar (Mumbai), Big Basket (Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad), Dorabjees (pune)

Amazon, Natural Mantra, GourmetCo, Foodesto

If taken directly from them the minimum quantity is 10 kg (across all products) with a 20% discount and free shipping.
Price points of all products do appear expensive but good quality organic paleo foods normally are.

Thanks for reading. Hope you found this helpful. Do leave comments on whether you found any of these products worth stocking in your ‘paleo’ pantry.

Feedback for Zealeo: please stock organic almond meal flour and coconut flour as it’s very important when making paleo goodies and will be particularly useful for my readers (and me).