Wholesome Mamma is officially one of the top 5 blogs in India (parenting)

Wholesome Mamma is officially one of the top 5 blogs in India (parenting)

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The Blogadda awards are this Sunday and Wholesome Mamma is in the top 5 blogs in the Parenting category!

The reason I started writing this blog is because I took control of my own health and when I got pregnant, my child’s, in a very unconventional way.
I take everything that doctors say with a pinch of salt, I don’t feed N conventional baby food and I don’t buy into the hype.

I want to share with other parents who want to explore another way of doing things and trust their instincts. I know I have already touched a few lives and made some think differently and question the ‘rules’.
Motherhood is so instinctual we don’t need the ‘experts’ to tell us how our babies should sleep, eat, and play. Similarly babies rely on instincts even more and we don’t need to tell them how to eat, sleep, and play.

Let’s embrace the primal beings that we are and giving credit to our bodies.

I am delighted this blog has been recognized. Thanks to you my readers for your lovely emails and messages over this past year! And I do hope Wholesome Mamma gets more readers (through these awards) so that more mom start to ask tough questions and truly do what it takes for topnotch health for themselves and their families.