Tackling Constipation

Tackling Constipation

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In my post on raw buffalo milk I mentioned introducing N to it and him lapping it up.

Before he drank it I had noticed he was straining a lot to poop and if I had been a little more careful I would not have given him milk.

After giving him the milk I felt he was constipated as he would strain to pass very little poop two or three times a day for the next two days.

Looking back a few days to what I was doing different and looking up online for things that cause constipation in babies, I learnt that I was giving him too much dairy. Not intentionally but I use butter to mash his boiled egg yolks in, I use ghee to cook his food, I gave cheese as a snack, he loves yoghurt so he ate that quite a bit too, and to top it all diluted buffalo milk.

In order to clear out his system, I cut out dairy and for the first day only fed him pear. The next day I gave him beetroot and spinach, and continued mixing beetroot in his fruits for the next couple of days with lots of green veggies as his meal.

After two days I added back the eggs and chicken and continued to feed him fruits, veggies, ghee, butter, and coconut oil. I’ve now even re-started cheese in small quantities.

I’m happy to say that the problem has been resolved completely. And boy has it been resolved!, that too without the requirement of a doctor or any medication.

What does this mean for you?

While backtracking on a nearly clean slate – aka my baby – was easy and took all of 3 days, for an adult the same thing works, but will take longer. So the same thing applies, cutting out the worst offenders for a month and re-introducing foods.

For a lot of adults dairy and grains are two main food groups that cause the maximum digestive troubles. That and hormonal problems that arise because of these two food groups cause a whole host of problems like skin issues, migraines, constipation, low immunity, leaky gut, type 2 diabetes, obesity etc.

If you have PMS, constipation, painful period to the point of passing out, digestive troubles, please don’t listen to regular doctor’s advice and try the following.

Cut out wheat. Well it’s better to cut out all grains and legumes from your diet ideally. Once you do that, you can see what exactly the problem is and then add back grains that work for you. Rice for me (white or brown) is perfectly fine so I enjoy it in limits with gravy or vegetables.

But don’t you need fiber to poop? No you don’t need that much. That you need fiber for defecation is a very dangerous myth that was pushed forward by the likes of Graham and Kellogg for increasing fiber consumption and selling their products. In fact traditional societies that eat only animal fat and vegetables most probably do not have constipation issues.

Here is why wheat causes constipation: Wheat contains opiods found in opium that actually causes paralysis of the gut.  And of course there is our body’s allergic reaction to lectins concentrated in wheat that causes irregularity in bowel movements.

Cut down on dairy: milk is not needed for adults. Milk is only needed for human infants and that too breast milk. Cows milk is for baby cows and not older humans. Also many of us are allergic to the proteins in milk and would do better to cut it out. Though milk is the biggest culprit in causing constipation, those who are highly sensitive may react badly to all dairy products, like cheese and cream. Though for most, only cutting out milk will help several gut issues.

Stop eating processed foods: Processing only removes nutrients and fiber and feeds you all sorts of unwanted chemicals.

Basically try cutting out as much of these three food groups for a month and then add back foods one at a time so you know what’s really causing the problem.

As far as possible eat lots of clean sources of fats, proteins, and carbs like veggies and fruits.

If you have problems like constipation on a regular basis what you’re doing currently is not working. So make the change and the rest will fall into place. It worked perfectly with N and will work with you!

Thanks for reading!