Some thoughts on being Primal and Pregnant

Some thoughts on being Primal and Pregnant

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When it comes to health and paying close attention to what goes on in our bodies, I’ve realized that for a lot of women around me, in Mumbai close monitoring of health starts when she becomes pregnant.

I read this article recently and it makes so much sense.  That health begins in the womb and even before is a rather strong concept to contemplate. Well, since I haven’t seen my baby yet (being only 5 and a half months pregnant) I can only vouch for myself when it comes to the benefits of my head start in health care.

Second, I had high levels of activity pre-pregnancy. Though I’ve changed my routine currently, I’ve continued to remain highly active. 2 different classes of Iyengar yoga, twice a week each, walking everyday and the dog grooming combined is enough to keep my legs strong, body supple, and weight gain in check. This would not have been possible had I not taken hold of my health 2 years ago when I made the switch to eating and living primal. Not to mention my bi weekly dose of handstands and headstands that keep my shoulders and arms toned!For one, I am not worried about being nutritionally bereft. I do not count every morsel I put in my mouth and worry because I may be lacking a certain vitamin. That’s because I know the clean food, the awesome fat I have consuming for the longest time before pregnancy struck would take me through those dreadful puke induced days. Which it did.

Third, I am used to listening to my body. During this crazy hormone induced ride I’ve had it all. First the hungers, then the throwing up every bite, more hunger, then the mad hunger but absolute fullness two bites later, then loss in appetite for days on end, then heartburn (and what more?). It’s not pretty but the years of practice in tuning out helpful voices of wisdom and instead just listening to my body helps a lot. I don’t feel I’m eating too little, or too much of something I should not be eating. I’m letting my body guide me and I feel absolutely at ease with that understanding.

It’s easy for women to slip into a not so happy or positive mind frame during pregnancy when clothes stop fitting, weight gain takes a whole new spin, back aches and fatigue plagues your every move, and when you generally don’t feel yourself. Worrying less about your health and the health of your baby, is one way to not slip into the ‘poor me’ syndrome. Another is looking good and feeling super by eating right and exercising a lot.

I read this post / rant a while back and it resonated with me well. I think for women, our reproductive health and hormones working in sync is such an important part of being healthy and so much more indicative of good health than being thin or fat.

Sorry about this post being all over the place (it is a come back post after all). But here’s something I want to ponder upon…
Can you be primal and pregnant? Well women did do it for 100’s of 1000’s of years. Women still do it today. The growing numbers of paleo mamas out there have phenomenal stories to tell.

Am I primal and pregnant? I must admit my 80:20 rule has slipped to 65 to 70 and my exercise routine has changed. I make some allowances like dairy and white rice, a lot more veggies and fruits and far less meat than I was used to (just because it’s not as appealing to me as it was pre-pregnancy). But my activity levels remain the same over all. I am as active than ever before, as free of viruses and migraines and as ‘jump up and go’ as before.

In this blog post I wrote about what made me decide to take the plunge and try out a new way of life and just see where the ride takes me. This was over two years ago and it is probably what primed my body to get pregnant at attempt #1.  I haven’t looked back since.

For those of you who are new here, here is a glimpse of what primal/ paleo living is all about. For those of you who’ve been around, sorry for the long absence where I spent a lot of time reflecting, rolling about in self pity (the dreaded first trimester) and general bumming.

I’m back! See you guys in the comment section!