Rain Days and Puddles

Rain Days and Puddles

Mumbai dirty rainy day puddles have been trudged in with glee by my son! Be they mucky, be they sandy or be they generally gross looking.

I can’t get him to wear a raincoat or rain boots and he wears his trusty sandals and gets his feet soaked. The last half an hour of every day is spent getting wet and dirty after which I pop him in for a hot bath

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Apart from rain splishing this is what we’ve been up to this rainy season.

  • We visit the library every 2 weeks. N gets so excited about going to the library. He talks about it all day and when we reach he removes his shoes steps in chooses the books he wants and sits down to read. I choose some more and we sit in the couch and read them and I take the ones he really likes home.
    Getting kids excited about books and spending quality time every day with them reading from a very young age I feel is what will get them to cultivate a deep love for books. The fear is this technology driven generation may not love books as much as previous ones did, but if it’s second nature before technology hits, then it may be so ingrained by then that other stuff takes a back seat. That’s what happened with me, and that’s what I hope happens with any kids that I raise.


  • We turn on music and dance. A really rainy day stuck indoors is always good for some good music and dancing. At 22 months N is picking up songs all the time and is always humming new tunes and making up his own lyrics. It’s real fun to be part of this. By dancing and singing with your kid however off key, you inculcate in them the joy of being carefree and not caring who’s watching.


  • Visiting, We take this opportunity to visit friends and family a lot. It’s good fun as N learns to interact and be part of small social gatherings and learns from watching and listening. He usually has no toys at his disposal and entertains himself by chatting and interacting with whoever he is visiting.


  • Having little buddies over. Little ones from near by come over and he goes over to theirs getting a chance to play with different toys. I realize in the process that he probably has the least toys at his disposal! Oh well!
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  • Going for long walks in his mama or papa’s godi. Or his carrier for want of a better word.

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What have you been up to with your little one in this fair weather?

Thanks for reading x