Quick fitness in Bombay

Quick fitness in Bombay

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My last post was about what I do when it comes to fitness and the theory behind it. But more than what I do, I’d like this blog to be about how you can implement primal eating and fitness into your life in India where space contraints are a real nightmare, and age old food habits and myths are as ingrained in our minds as Sachin is in our hearts.

All of us living in Mumbai know how precious time is, not to mention space. With work pressure, and the emphasis on always trying to be ahead in the rat race, we often let go of spending time looking after our own physical needs. But what if there were ways that you – someone with a full time job in the maximum city – could take control of your life and fit in exercise as well good eating into your busy schedule? Let’s tackle exercise first should we?

So without further ado here are a few things you can do and you should do, no matter how busy you are, and no matter how much space you have, or no matter what your fitness levels are.

Tabata interval training : The best thing about Tabata interval training? They take all of four minutes. Tabata sprints were actually my introduction to sprinting and I started on a treadmill. I haven’t been on a treadmill now for over a year but when I started sprinting what follows, was super useful.

What are Tabata sprints? Twenty seconds of maximum output followed by ten seconds of rest, repeated 8 times without pause for a total of four minutes. Simple.

The key word here being Maximum Output in those 20 seconds.

You can do this with absolutely any activity and it does not have to be restricted to running. But here are ways top of mind that you can implement the Tabata method into your routine

Time yourself (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off repeated 8 times) :
a) On a treadmill.
b) In the swimming pool
c) At home on a yoga mat doing squats or any other body weight workout like pushups.
d) At home on a yoga mat doing burpees. (Not advisable unless you are really fit. See comment section below)
e) Using the flight of stairs outside your flat
f) At home at one spot, doing high knees or knee to chest running.
g) Suryanamaskars
h) Anything else you can think off and that you enjoy, keeping the Tabata intervals in mind. Barbells, dumbbells, kettleballs are all fair game.

Here is a video so you know whats in store for you. But remember this can just as easily be done at home in a little space and you don’t need a football field!

Illustration : So say for example you decide to do a Tabata session of squats this is what it will look like. You take your place with your legs shoulder width distance, Go down from your hips, pushing them back with your knees not extending over your feet, go as low as you can and come up. Do as many in 20 seconds, stop for 10 seconds and repeat the sequence 8 times.
Read here for the benefits of doing this and what it will do for you. Also check this out for more info on how doing Tabata intervals is more effective than regular forms of cardio.

Tabata intervals can be used as a guide to get you started. But the idea here is to go all out in whatever you’re doing till you can’t go on anymore, take a small break and go on again. By the time you reach your 7th or 8th all out effort, it’s most likely that you won’t be giving your maximum output. So you may want to adapt it in a way that you give your maximum output each time, either by taking longer breaks or going for longer per sprint and cutting back the number of sprints. Start with beng true to the Tabata method and then evolve as you go.

Thanks for reading! Do write back if you try it and let me know what you think..