Primal Baby Solids Progress

Primal Baby Solids Progress

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The Primal baby will be one in a month. So far so good.

He is eating three solid meals now, one snack and 4-5 nursing sessions.

Here is the schedule:

Wake up 7 am: nurse

9 am: breakfast two egg yolks and fruit.

1 pm: lunch. A tablespoon of rice with veggies and some cream from fresh buffalo milk mixed in.

2pm: breastfeed.

5 pm: coconut water with malai and leftover fruit from breakfast.

8 pm: dinner. Soup and chicken with vegetables.

8:30 pm: breastfeed and bed.

1:30 pm: breastfeed.

4 pm: breastfeed.

There are up days and then there are down days. Some days he eats exceptionally well and some days he doesn’t. But on the whole it keeps me on my toes because he needs a lot of variety in taste and textures.

Thanks to N I’ve started taking interest in the kitchen, I never really enjoyed cooking before he came along.

Let’s hope I save some of my enthusiasm for his little sister (or brother).

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