Primal Baby Food

Primal Baby Food

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Some of you out there have been asking me for recipes of what I feed my little one. I’ve been slow in getting this post up but here are some baby food recipes that are primal / paleo / real food.

Also I’ve had a few questions on whether my son’s doctor knows what he eats etc etc. Well not really because if I get the doctors nod for everything then I wouldn’t be doing things my way would I? I’d be doing things the same old conventional way and I’d have nothing to write about on this blog. And after you read the ingredients and food he eats, you make up your mind whether I should be asking a doctor or go about my merry way of doing things.

Also I never gave him fine purees but mostly soft pieces of food he could suck on with his gums. He now eats much bigger pieces that he chews and chews and chews till its soft enough to swallow. When we are out at restaurants he eats whatever I give him including pieces of steak, chicken, lamb, fish etc. in small soft pieces.

Egg recipes:

N got tired after almost two months of eating egg yolks mashed in butter. So now I make 2 egg yolk scrambled eggs with tomatoes, onions, sometimes milk, in coconut oil.
2 egg yolk scrambled eggs with cheese.
2 egg yolk omelets with mushrooms, tomatoes.
Salt and pepper in all of the above. I always make his eggs (and ours) in coconut oil. This is the same breakfast his father and I eat, except we eat two whole eggs and he has yolks.


He eats fruits in the morning and in the evening when he is out and about.

I cut up any fruit that’s available into pieces. Papaya is his favourite. He can devour whole apples (steamed and cut) or a pear (steamed and cut) or a banana, (chopped not mashed) in one sitting. I sometimes mix fruits up like melon, watermelon, papaya.

Main meal – Vegetables and chicken.

His main meal of the day is around 5:30 pm

I have this Avent steamer and blender. IMG_5071

I steam chicken in this and then blend. Initially I used to blend the chicken pretty fine but now I make it slightly chunky. It has the grainy texture of rice.



I steam vegetables in this separately. I normally put two or more together like – carrots / cabbage, spinach / sweet potato, Green beans / potato, cauliflower/ carrot, etc. I blend the veggies coarsely too.

I freeze in small two ounce containers the remaining chicken and veggies (separately), to use over the next two days or so (not longer).

With these basics, I prepare the meal each day at a time.

Initially I used to put some ghee in a pan and pan-toss the chicken and veggies with some salt but that doesn’t do it for him anymore. (His tastes seem to have evolved).


So here are some recipes:

1)   Fry onions in ghee, add chicken and then vegetables with chopped tomatoes. Salt and pepper to taste. Vegetable – cabbage and carrot.

2)   Chicken and fresh basil in ghee. Add in veggies – cauliflower and sweet potato. Salt.

3)   Onions and dhaniya in ghee, add in chicken. Then the veggies – beans – carrots- potatoes, and haldi.

4)   Onions fried in ghee, add in chicken. Add spinach – sweet potatoes and salt.

5)   Chicken in ghee. Add cauliflower and gawar.  Throw in finely chopped red or yellow peppers. Salt.

veggies and chicken

veggies and chicken

These are some recipes I’ve written off the cuff but experiment with combinations that taste good and your baby likes. He may like some more than others but try it once again after awhile and he may surprise you by wolfing it down. I try to include sweet potatoes or potatoes for starch content. They’re also excellent to mask strong flavours.

Fish and soup

At 8 pm before his last nursing he eats a bowl of vegetable or chicken soup. Tomatoes, carrots, mixed veggies, or spinach home made soup or chicken broth. The chicken broth is with chicken blended finer than it is for the rest of the family so he can drink it up from his sipper.
He sometimes eats steamed ravas (a type of fish) with whatever marinade we’re having. Garlic and basil are the most popular. He absolutely adores fish.



N still nurses up to 5 times in addition to all this food. (He is one big tornado of a little person).

A few things that have worked for me are: don’t baby your baby and think he cannot eat this and that. Let her try everything and develop her own tastes. Don’t be scared to give pieces of food. If you only give mashed and pureed food the baby will take too long switching to regular food.

I tried that – introducing new foods one at a time for 4 days – thing initially but got fed up in 3 weeks. Then I just started giving him new foods all the time and luckily he hasn’t reacted to anything yet.

You tell me, is he missing grains? Do you think I should give him daal-rice too? Thanks for reading, write to me in the comments if you find this post useful.