Of New Years Resolutions

Of New Years Resolutions

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Starting Jan I am getting back to being Primal once more.

The last few months have seen a downward spiral when it comes to primal food and workouts. It’s reached a point where I can safely say that even during pregnancy and almost 6 months post partum I was more disciplined than I was today.

I was very very primal from early 2010 to early 2013. During this time even eating a bite of bread made me feel I was eating some yucky glutinous mass of weirdness. Those of you who have given up bread and its likes will concur.

And those of you closely following this blog will realize how I’ve subtly (or not so subtly) shifted from talking about primal food and lifestyle and food products to primal babies and parenting. Fear not, N is still as primal as ever!

I on the other hand am not. This is what happened:

1)   Pregnancy: Most of the foods I loved pre-pregnancy made me throw up. I could not longer be around salad and grilled chicken let along eat it. Post the baby I still haven’t found my love for salads again. This makes it hard to be primal because I used to actually want to order a big salad over anything when I went out to eat before.

2)   Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding made me utterly and totally ravenous (not to mention so thirsty that I used to down 6 – 7 litres of water a day). I think N was always ravenous for 6 months too or he just loved nursing too much. Today at almost 15 months, his intake of breast milk is probably 20% of what it used to be. For the first 10 odd months of breastfeeding, I was choosy, as I wanted to make sure I was eating a nutritionally sound diet for baby. Later as I continued to be hungry, I ate most things coming my way and kept the weight off by making lots and lots of milk. Today the appetite is still up there, but it does not need to be because I am not making much milk any more. In a nutshell: Appetite increased while breastfeeding but has not decreased after weaning.

3)   I am no longer fat adapted: because of eating more than I need right now and eating more of the wrong stuff I can tell that I am no longer fat adapted. I am sometimes hungry right after meals. My migraines are making a comeback, and my fitness levels are low.

4)   Fatigue: these days at the end of the day I am rather tired. Carrying and running around a heavy and active toddler does that. So many times I skip regular exercise. I know if I start eating primal again and start metabolizing fat I will get my energy levels back. Food is key.

5)   Stop and start sleep: I am not sleep deprived because I sleep in on most days. Having said that I have not had more that 4 hours of continuous sleep for almost 15 months now. It is a known fact that poor quality sleep creates hormonal havoc. At times once N is sweetly breathing heavily in his sleep at 4 or 5 am I lie awake not able to fall back asleep. At that time hunger strikes and I feel like raiding the Pantry.

This is what happened so far but now I am at a point where I can no longer let the past be an excuse. I can start eating right again and that will take care of most problems like feeling hungry all the time, feeling tired and lacking in energy, and weight gain!

So though I am not a big fan of New Years resolutions, this year I hope is the year of a primal comeback!

Are you in?

Thanks for reading and appreciating my blog! Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful 2014.