Link Love - If you love yourself

Link Love – If you love yourself

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Some more links to love if you luurve yourself and your health!

From depression to quick workouts. From Marilyn Monroe’s hot bod to useless medicines, we have it all today! Read on.

This you’ve probably read and heard of about how toxic sugar  is for health. Wishful thinking about the regulation of sugar? Yes. But we can dream can’t we?

Lovely infographic on supplements
and their uses. A handy tool and If nothing, good to know info presented beautifully.

For those of you who have your curiosity piqued by the paleo / primal diet/ lifestyle, and want to give it a shot, read this.

Now you can’t use time as an excuse to not get a GREAT workout in!
More reasons to quit sugary soda drinks.

Some amazing articles on fasting that you must read
. Get those 6 mini meals out of your head people. First up – Fasting and weight loss. One on fasting and cancer on Mark’s blog and another one on fasting and cancer by the Economist and here’s one more.
One (more) amazing benefit of going primal is that I am off any medication or tablets for anything except supps. I used to take medication of migraines or pop a pill at the hint of any virus but I have been tablet free for 2 years now. So when I see this kind of infographic it makes me sick because I know how unnecessary these pills are really if you’re eating right.Replace America for affluent India, and we’re talking about the same thing.

What’s the difference between cake and coke(aine)?
According to Robb Wolf’s blog not much. Good read on sugar addiction.
Incase you’re wondering, here are 8 reasons why you act against your own better judgement.
Why antidepressants don’t work for treating depression. The answer maybe in your diet(wink wink)
More reasons to stay away from chronic cardio. An hour of spin class triggers the same bio chemical reactions as a heart attack.

How did Marilyn Monroe have a body like that?
According to this article it was her absolutely bizarre eating habits like high protein and low carbs. Sound familiar anyone?

The end of the low Fat myth?
Well change is coming slowly but surely in conventional circles too. Let’s wait and watch shall we?
That’s all for now folks. Do drop me a line if any of these stories resonates with you! Thanks for reading.