My Highly Abmormal, Normal Birth

My Highly Abmormal, Normal Birth

So excited that the first Human Rights in Childbirth Conference is underway in India. I am honored to contribute a post for the blog and looking forward to the conference! HRiC is an international organisation that advocates for maternal healthcare that respects and fulfills the full range of women’s human rights during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum a major need gap that no one is talking about!
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Here is my first birth story viz a viz my second :

‘Did you have a normal delivery?’ They’d ask. Depending on who it was and what kind of mood I was in I’d give the long or short answer. The short answer was yes, only because in their books it was normal.

The long answer is a resounding N O.

‘C section?’

Well no. I had a vaginal birth that was very much NOT normal.

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