No More Diapers At Nighttime Too

No More Diapers At Nighttime Too

I thought I’d write a quick update to this post on my potty-trained 17-month-old.

Very soon after I wrote this (about 2 weeks ago) to be precise my 18 month old started waking at night and asking to use the bathroom instead of peeing in is diaper.

After this happened for two nights in a row I stopped putting him a diaper at night.
I had written this post about how we were FINALLY sleeping through the night. When I stopped putting him in a diaper he used to be wide awake at 3 or 4 am at times because he wanted to go pee and once there he thought it was playtime.

That was the first week. This week however we have a new routine. He wakes around 12:30 am to nurse and come into my bed. At that point I put him on the pot to pee. I don’t make him pee immediately before bed but about half an hour before so that he feels the urge when he first wakes. Then he nurses and is normally out till the sun comes that’s a 5-6 hour stretch. Once he is up in the morning, he nurses again for a long time and then he wakes around 8, 8: 30 asking to go pee.

Two weeks completely diaper free and not one accident.

My potty training time line:

  • Only cloth nappies at home from around 8 or 9 months.
  • Started offering the potty at 11 months. He started pooping there within days.
  • At about 16.5 months I realized he had started asking to use the loo to pee at home.
  • Knocked out the diaper completely at 17 months in the day and he was asking every time he wanted to use the loo.
  • 18.5 months he started refusing to pee in the diaper at night and wanted the loo even in the night.
  • Immediately stopped putting him in a diaper.

It’s quite nice to have a little toddler without the diaper. Yes I visit public loos a lot more in restaurants and malls but I like the idea of him being so comfortable and free this hot summer.
Unfortunately N has taken a liking to public loos. He wants to go pee once or twice every time we’re out! Oh well!

Is having a nighttime and day time potty trained toddler  an inconvenient for the mom? Yes.
However the positives far outnumber the negatives. Not having to deal with a stinky diaper for a growing toddler, the freedom for the little one, and the confidence and dignity it brings to the child and to add to that, getting it all done before the terrible twos strike in full force. Priceless.

Thanks for reading. Let me know in the comments about your potty training timeline.