Anmol SSC vs. Soul Full Buckle vs. Kolkol Baby Carriers

Anmol SSC vs. Soul Full Buckle vs. Kolkol Baby Carriers

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I have reviewed the Soul Full Buckle and the Anmol SSC (soft structured carriers) on this blog and thought I’d do a comparison since these are the two carriers I have with me currently. Update: adding Kolkol baby carriers – full buckle at the bottom of this post as I have got a lot of requests to compare their carrier too.
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There are some nice SSCs available in India now and here are some that I have heard good things about but haven’t had the opportunity to try:  Easy Feel SScs and cuddle n care to name some.

This is not an apple to apple comparison as the Soul carrier is a full wrap converted SSC (though it’s not really one as their wraps are not in the market yet) and the Anmol SSC is a half which means it is backed by canvas thus making it sturdier and supportive but losing out on the thinness and lightness.

Here is some pictures for the comparison of the two in terms of sizing and shape. The Soul SSC (aqua) is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top, and taller too as compared to Anmol. This size suits my slightly larger baby well and will probably be good for my baby for longer than the Anmol. The flip side of course is that a younger / smaller baby will take more time to grow into it. If you have a small baby like a newborn or couple of months old you maybe able to use an Anmol sooner, whereas if your baby is closer to 9 months to a year or more Soul is an excellent blend between a standard and toddler size. IMG_4596 IMG_4616 IMG_4614 IMG_4612

Anmol vs. Soul when rolled up to place in diaper bag: Soul wins hand down and it’s is way lighter too.
Shoulder strap padding: Anmol is definitely more padded and comfortable on the shoulder specially for a bigger baby.


Lightness/ Airiness. Soul wins in this area but Anmol makes up for it in it’s sturdiness which comes in handy as when putting it on and wearing a heavier baby for a longer time it may be more comfortable as it is backed by canvas. Also because Soul is so thin and light, while wearing the carrier the shoulder strap turns in sometimes and I have to adjust it after wearing. Like mentioned in the previous post I had a hard time doing the back carry with the Soul sling because the carrier was a little floppy and kept folding up.

Quality and looks : Looks of course is a personal preference but as this is my blog 😉 it’s what I feel. I prefer the way Anmol looks it’s more me, it’s earthy and ethnic, where as Soul is more glamorous. While the fabric used in the half WCSSC of Anmol looks thicker and firmer, the fabric used for the full WCSSC of Soul is lighter and airier and Chinmayie tells me it’s been designed that way to suit our hot and humid weather.
Also Most of Anmol’s carriers are handwoven and exclusively designed fabrics where as most of Soul’s carriers are machine woven.

Product range and price: Anmol has a wide price range in their SSCs ranging from Rs. 3750 for the basic carrier, Rs 6000 for their regular printed carriers and Rs. 6900 for the semi Wrap converted SSC which has the wrap for the central panel, and Rs.7450 for the half WCSSC which is backed by canvas, while Soul is Rs. 5750 for the Full buckle carrier. The 7450 vs. the 5750 carrier is what I am comparing and yes I do find  a difference in quality between the two to justify the variance in price. I would use the Anmol for a trek or for a long use and the Soul for a quicker excursion for example though I prefer Soul for naps.

Safety: Both carriers meet industry safety standards and the buckles are of top quality. However Anmol has an extra button to press while un buckling the waist band which means that it’s slower to remove but since it cannot get undone very easily it’s a plus while baby wearing in terms of safety.

I quite like the little pocket for the cap and the elastic loop around the cap to secure it into place in my Anmol SSC and kind of miss that in the Soul Carrier.
IMG_4618 IMG_4620

My husband finds the Soul Full buckle that I have received for trial ‘girlie’ (his POV not mine) and was not keen to wear it but when he did he preferred the sturdiness of Anmol while I loved the lightness and snugness of Soul.

Considerations while buying:

If you are like me and normally hop into your car and carry your carrier for naps or for when you get to where you want to go, then Soul is a great option as it’s the best to just pack up and take with you. If you find you may carry your baby for hours at home and out and just have the baby in there, more often than not then Anmol may give the support your baby may need. Of course the baby will be cooler in Soul as the fabric is so thin and breathable so when and where you wear your baby will make a difference to your buying decision.

Thanks for reading and hopes this helps you if you’re trying to pick one over the other. I love baby wearing and I’m super thankful to these mompreneurs who make these amazing carriers at super prices and quality. Keep wearing all the babies!

Do let me know which one you decide to buy 😉

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Since I posted this I’ve had the opportunity to try the full wrap converted SSC from Anmol and the fabric is handwoven for them and is a really cushy, beautiful, feel good fabric. The shoulder straps are really sturdy and thick and easy on the shoulders and it is very breathable too.
the only thing i didn’t like is that because the material is so thin, I fear the pocket for the cap may dig into the baby’s back but I can’t be too sure as he was pretty comfortable in there. I will update the price once this carrier hits the market too, but loved that this carrier like Soul’s Full Buckle takes the shape of the baby so well, gives such a snug fit, and also has good padded shoulder straps, and also folds up so neatly. The one thing I didn’t like about the Soul were the slightly padded shoulders which this carrier from Anmol takes care off nicely. I also loved the Soul for the ease of folding up, which this particular carrier from Anmol also does.

So.. I think it all boils down to looks, price, and usage. I’d still say heavier, rugged usage – Anmol and lighter up and down usage – Soul.
Do let me know if you agree with me…

Image-1 IMG_5083IMG_5101




Update : (again!) Kolkol baby carriers viz a viz the other two.

Shoulder padding :  Soul has the thinnest padding which makes it the lightest and most easy to pack and take with you, but on the flip side with lack of cushioning you may be worried about digging with a heavy baby. However,  the broadness of the straps take care of this. Kol kol (the red strap in the middle is the cushiest and most luxurious on the shoulders off the three.




panel and knee to knee looks much smaller when worn


toddler sinks in and knee to knee is perfect


anmol’s is the smallest knee to knee


Soul’s is the tallest carrier

Size: Anmol’s SSC is the smallest of the three. They also recommend putting an insert and wearing a newborn where as Soul’s carrier is the largest of the lot and do not recommend an insert for new borns. Knee to knee and length to length Soul fit’s my 18 month old comfortably where as you can see Kolkol’s is not as large when the toddler in inside. surprisingly when I compare the carriers one on top of each other, Kol kol and soul are very similarly sized.  img_8114


Waist belt: Kolkol has the broadest and most comfortable waist belt of the three.

Final verdict: Size matters. if you have a newborn or are pregnant then Anmol may be the best.
If you have an older baby and don’t plan to wear too much the Soul is just perfect as it’s the lightest to carry, better to wear for shorter times and quite roomy and comfortable.
If you wear your baby alot or plan too, then Kolkol is an excellent super comfortable and cushy carrier!

Both Kol kol and Anmol recommend and sell infant inserts where you can wear smaller babies too. But Soul slings do not recommend wearing smaller babies in their standard full buckle where as they do have a fully adjustible carrier launching called AnoonA which boasts of being the ideal carrier from birth to toddlerhood.


Thanks for reading! I Hope you found this post helpful and if you did then a comment would be highly appreciated! Thanks!